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This podcast is hosted by Kael Decadence and Mereduddd, two capsulers of New Eden (the universe of EVE Online). Each episode they talk about the recent news in the game and universe, as well as highlight on a new topic that will help "newbros".
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Dec 20, 2016
Today Meredudd and Kael were joined by Asher, Tridget, and Jurius Doctor to talk about what it means to be a Fleet Commander. We discuss fleet tactics, FC ships, and how to start out as an FC. But at the start of the show, we talk about the recent INN article put out by Kael that called out CCP Ghost and the "New Player Experience". -- Watch live at Intro is Pump by Cpt Blastahoe
Dec 16, 2016

Make CSM great again! In this episode of The Mind Clash Podcast, Kael and Meredudd talk with sitting member of the Council of Stellar Management "The Judge", and CSM hopeful "TOXICYAKEN" about how to get involved with the council and what role Alphas could/should play in voting. But first, there is the discussion on the final Keepstar timer of M-OEE8 that took place this past weekend and what effect it has on the game.

Kael also introduces his Project "EVE an Hour" with the help of Mike Azariah.  -- Watch live at

Intro and Outro is Orbit around the FC by Sindel Pellion and Rixx Javix

Dec 6, 2016

In today's episode we have Kael and Meredudd with returning guests Ashterothi and Orion Sa Solo. We talk about some of the battle reports that happened over the weekend, as well as the state of faction warfare after Ascension. Finally we wrap things up with monologues from Ash and a discussion on newbro Alpaca questions. -- Watch live at

Intro is Brave (Newbies) by Kael-Cassata and his girlfriend (

Outro is Pew by Kael Decadence (

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Dec 1, 2016
Lore! What is it good for? Well, lore aficionado Ashterothi and chronicle narrator/siren Zendane join Kael and Meredudd on a magical journey of discovery to answer that question. -- Watch live at Don't forget to check out our patreon page if you want to support us: Our in game channel is "Mind Clash" Intro and outro music is "Alpha Dirtbag" by Sindel Pellion CLICK HERE Download this episode!