The Mind Clash Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Kael Decadence and Mereduddd, two capsulers of New Eden (the universe of EVE Online). Each episode they talk about the recent news in the game and universe, as well as highlight on a new topic that will help "newbros".
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The Mind Clash Podcast



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Jan 29, 2017
In this 21st episode of the show, the cast is now legally old enough to vote for CSM. And to celebrate, we have a few guests on to talk about their run for CSM as well as important topics for the candidates. Staring Commander AZE, Roedyn, Erika Mizune, and Magnus Carrell. Intro song is "5 in the Fleet" by Cpt Blastahoe -- Watch live at Monday nights at 7pm PST, 9pm US Cent, 10pm Eastern, and of course 0300 EVE (tuesday morning)
Jan 18, 2017
The one about content. In this 20th episode of the show, Kael and Meredudd are joined by Rahne, Tridgit, and special guest appearance by number 1 fan Buessing! We talked about some of the news around New Eden, the Winter/ScoodyDooty War, and marketing tools for EVE. Our spotlight was about content creation for the game. How to get started, what software it takes, and why we enjoy doing it as podcasters, streamers, and writers. -- Watch live at Intro Music is "Super 1000" by CPT Blastahoe Outro is "Internet Starships" by DJ Nyliss Join our Discord Server at 
Jan 11, 2017

The Women of EVE Online. In this 19th episode of the show, we have Danielle en Divalone, BowFa, Dawn Rhea, and Mom Doge to talk about the realities of being a woman in the world of EVE Online and gaming in general.

Intro/Outro is Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue

Redux posted on 1/12/2017 with improved vocals